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About Respina Pars

Respina Pars Data Transfer Company was established at the beginning of 2003 under the collective support of the largest companies active in the country's electricity industry. The purpose of establishing this company was to provide IT services to various sectors and industries and to provide suitable solutions for the advancement and development of information technology technology in the country's electricity industry.

Another goal of establishing this company is to provide Internet broadband, e-commerce and IDC services as one of the most important factors in the development of the information technology industry and to become one of the top companies providing these services in the country. It should be mentioned that Respina Pars data transmission company has a certificate of approval by the Supreme Informatics Council of the country.

Currently, one of the important tasks of Respina Pars data transfer company is consulting, designing, implementing and setting up computer networks, including W.L. or Wire and support and maintenance of computer networks including W.L. or Wire.

Respina Pars network solutions and information technology

  • Consulting, implementation and implementation of Internet-based telephone centers (VoIP) to connect corporate offices without geographical restrictions
  • Providing dedicated internet bandwidth and intranet for offices, organizations, companies, towers and residential complexes
  • Supplying equipment, consulting and implementing computer networks with Wireless, Fiber Optic, Cable platforms
  • Installation and commissioning of radio equipment for network communication and organizations' offices
  • Consulting, monitoring and providing network support and maintenance services
  • Installation of closed circuit cameras over the network
  • Design and implementation of web sites and online stores

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